Time for reflection!


Admittedly, it takes me forever to ponder. I can spend nights after nights just to think about my future, my job, myself, and even my…love!

Taking this ICT Course has been my greatest trial so far!

Let’s say, from the very beginning , Ms. Tâm has been more than our instructor. She has gone beyond the boundaries of being just a stereotypical lecturer. She has been tremendously helpful in giving us her insights, sharing with us her ideas, observing and giving constructive comments and feedback before/in/after every class. Her knowledge and enthusiasm know no bounds. She helps us thrive for more knowledge, elicits our curiosity of exploring the technology world, and of course lends us a hand in building up our connections in life.

The time I spent in this class was more than entertaining. Not only do we have time to explore on our own, but we also put our overly-stressed minds at ease for a moment, all thanks to Ms. Tâm.

At least, after the course, we have created for our own a web. On looking back (possibly a few years later), I am sure this blog will be my most precious memory of my university life.

All thanks, and I wish us all success in life!



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